So this week’s New York Times article by Brookings Institute experts arguing that we may yet be able to win the war has sent a tidal wave of hope through the pro-war camp and a chill down the backs of the Democratic Party defeatist. ~Tony Blankley

A tidal wave?  Good grief, these people are desperate!

Speaking on behalf of “defeatists” everywhere, let me say that this op-ed sure had me worried.  Whatever shall we do when “centrist” Democrats utter predictably optimistic assessments about the state of a misguided war that they originally supported?  I suppose war opponents shall have to run and hide–the tide has turned against us!  The tidal wave of Pollack is crashing down; the fateful hinge of O’Hanlon is squeaking threateningly.  In another shocking revelation, Joe Lieberman has said that we must not withdraw.

P.S. ITWOT?  What?