Yes, David Mamet actually wrote this:

In abandonment of the state of Israel, the West reverts to pagan sacrifice, once again, making a burnt offering not of that which one possesses, but of that which is another’s. As Realpolitik, the Liberal West’s anti-Semitism can be understood as like Chamberlain’s offering of Czechoslovakia to Hitler, a sop thrown to terrorism. On the level of conscience, it is a renewal of the debate on human sacrifice.

If you have no idea what Mamet is talking about, you’re not alone. There is no sacrifice taking place. There is no burnt offering. There is nothing comparable to the cession of the Sudetenland going on. All of this is painfully obvious. Mamet has completely lost his bearings.

Mamet’s op-ed brings to mind Scott Galupo’s description of the playwright’s recent book in his review of it for TAC:

Turgid when it’s not imperious, utterly lacking in fresh insight, full of breathtakingly stupid generalizations, The Secret Knowledge is, for a writer of Mamet’s caliber, nothing short of embarrassing.