Why We Lost. Mark Thompson reports on the forthcoming book from Lt. Gen. Daniel Bolger (Ret.).

What is Modi’s foreign policy? Dhruva Jaishankar surveys the BJP leader’s recent speeches and statements on foreign policy and national security.

Modi’s potential appointees. Jyoti Malhotra lists some of the people that might make up Modi’s foreign policy team.

The trends that helped Modi win. Malavika Vyawahare identifies the main factors that made the BJP landslide possible.

This is not the end of Sykes-Picot. F. Gregory Gause III makes the case that post-WWI borders in the Near East aren’t going to change anytime soon.

Through the looking glass on the AUMF. Robert Golan-Vilella reports on the confusion in Congress and the executive over what the AUMF permits and what effect its repeal would have.

The sounds of Eastern Orthodoxy. William Robin profiles the Estonian Orthodox composer Arvo Pärt and investigates the relationship between his music and faith.

Frankenstein in Baghdad. Tim Arango writes about the Iraqi author Ahmed Saadawi and his wartime experiences.

Tolkien’s Beowulf. Katy Waldman reviews the new translation.

Restoring the Church of the Nativity. William Booth reports on the repair work being done to the ancient church in Bethlehem.