Allies against empire. Richard Drake recounts the careers and foreign policy views of Robert La Follette and Albert Jay Nock in the current issue of TAC.

The march of the imperial senators. Kelley Vlahos reports on the Iraq war revisionism of John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

Clinton and the disastrous Libyan war. Joel Gillin reviews Hillary Clinton’s role in involving the U.S. in Libya and her major mistakes during the intervention.

How will Iran use its unfrozen assets? Bijan Khaajepour discusses how Iran might use the assets it will be able to access following a nuclear deal.

A missed nonproliferation opportunity. Paul Pillar laments the NPT conference’s failure to address Israel’s nuclear arsenal in the context of discussing a Middle East nuclear-weapons free zone.

What is the purpose of the Saudi war on Yemen? Gabriele vom Bruck identifies other reasons besides paranoia about Iranian influence why the Saudis are attacking the Houthis.