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The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

Remembering the Easter Rising and the Irish War for Independence. Roy Foster reviews Diarmaid Ferriter’s A Nation and Not a Rabble: The Irish Revolutions, 1913-1923 and Maurice Walsh’s Bitter Freedom: Ireland in a Revolutionary World, 1918-1923.

Exaggerating Iranian influence and ambitions. Paul Pillar counters the claim that Iran is acting as a would-be regional hegemon.

Why an Iran deal won’t lead to regional proliferation. Dina Esfandiary and Ariane Tabatabai explain why other states in the region lack the ability and ambition to pursue their own nuclear programs.

A quiet catastrophe in Eritrea. Frida Ghitis describes how the Afwerki dictatorship’s repression drives Eritreans to flee their country in large numbers.

Sisi is more dangerous that Washington thinks. Jeff Martini identifies the problems with Sisi’s domestic repression and foreign adventurism.

What happened to Hong Kong’s protesters? Suzanne Sataline checks in on the state of Hong Kong’s protest groups.

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