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The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

Acknowledging the divergence of U.S. and Israeli interests. Robert Merry comments on what the Israel elections reveal.

After Netanyahu’s win, the U.S.-Israel relationship has to change. Michael Cohen makes recommendations for what the administration should do next.

Should anyone trust Netanyahu? Peter Beinart compiles the many statements of opposition to the two-state solution from Netanyahu and his political allies.

Delusions about Iraq. Tom Switzer criticizes the Iraq war dead-enders at The Wall Street Journal for their self-serving and revisionist arguments.

Why there won’t be another Cold War. Matthew Rojansky and Rachel Salzman offer some reasons for cautious hope.

Russia isn’t as isolated as Western governments think. Nikolas Gvosdev warns against overestimating the extent of Russia’s international isolation.

Britain’s coming constitutional crisis. Clive Crook previews the upheaval that may follow the British general election.

Malcolm Fraser’s legacy. The Sydney Morning Heraldremembers the life and career of the late former Australian Prime Minister.

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