Brent Scowcroft, realist Republican. Jordan Michael Smith reviews Bartholomew Sparrow’s The Strategist: Brent Scowcroft and the Call of National Security in the current issue of TAC.

What Netanyahu got wrong. John Allen Gay explains why the deal with Iran isn’t a bad one.

Netanyahu’s speech and the Israeli election. Brent Sasley finds that the speech hasn’t had much of an effect in Israel.

Netanyahu’s answer is war. Philip Stephens faults the prime minister for his self-defeating and isolating behavior.

The bogus uproar over the sunset clause. Richard Nephew explains this provision in the deal with Iran.

Keep Congress out of the Iran talks. The Bloomberg editors argue against Corker’s Iran bill.

Iran isn’t ISIS. Ishaan Tharoor counters one of Netanyahu’s most exaggerated claims.

The dangers of Russia sanctions. Samuel Charap and Bernard Sucher warn about the unintended consequences of sanctions on Russia.

Dylan Thomas, the last bohemian. Theodore Dalrymple reflects on the Welsh poet’s unconventional behavior and writing.