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The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

The escalation advocates are wrong on Ukraine. Sean Kay counters the argument for sending arms.

Why we shouldn’t arm Ukraine. Steve Chapman explains why it would be reckless.

Arming Ukraine is a bad idea. Jeremy Shapiro lists the reasons.

How to start a proxy war with Russia. Michael Kofman thoroughly refutes the case for arming Ukraine.

How arming Ukraine could goad Russia into a regional war. Fiona Hill and Clifford Gaddy warn against sending weapons.

The incompetent Tony Abbott. Joshua Kurlantzick makes the case that the Australian prime minister is the worst leader of a major industrialized democracy.

Prince Philip’s knighthood and the Australian republic. Lisa Singh comments on the knighthood awarded to Prince Philip by the Australian government.

Tokyo snubs Okinawa’s new governor. Mina Pollmann reports on tensions between Japan’s LDP government and Takashi Onaga, the newly-elected anti-base governor of Okinawa.

Is Miliband ready to be prime minister?The Financial Timesinterviews the Labour leader.

Kazakh eagle hunters in China. A Timephoto gallery of an eagle hunting festival in Xinjiang.

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