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The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

Why mourn King Abdullah? James Carden attacks the fawning attention paid to the late Saudi king by Western politicians and officials.

Netanyahu’s stunt damages Congress’ proper role. Steven Metz comments on the implications of Netanyahu’s planned speech on foreign policy cooperation between the executive and legislative branches.

The battle for Zionism. Leon Hadar surveys the political landscape in Israel ahead of the March Knesset elections.

The false beliefs that threaten diplomacy with Iran. Trita Parsi identifies them.

Will Obama follow through on his India success? Nikolas Gvosdev considers the possible opportunities of and obstacles to closer U.S.-Indian ties.

The limits of “strategic patience.” Steve Swerdlow and Andrew Stroehlein highlight the flaws in indulging the authoritarian government of Uzbekistan in its abuses.

India’s Machiavelli. Akhilesh Pillalamari reviews the foreign policy lessons of the Arthashastra.

Invading North Korea: still a terrible idea. Robert Kelly explains why.

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