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The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

What’s left in Libya. Hisham Matar reports on the sorry state of the country.

A surprise transition in Sri Lanka. Kate Cronin-Furman comments on the implications of the incumbent’s unexpected loss in Sri Lanka’s presidential election last week.

The Paris attacks and the logic of insurgency. Steven Metz tries to make sense of the purpose of the attack on Charlie Hebdo. (WPR subscription required)

The story of the Romani. William O’Connor reviews Yaron Matras’ The Romani Gypsies.

Studying genocide. Stephen Budiansky reviews Abram de Swaan’s The Killing Compartments.

The Greatest Knight. Dan Jones reviews Thomas Asbridge’s account of the life of William Marshal.

1386 and all that. Sam Leith reviews Paul Strohm’s The Poet’s Tale: Chaucer and the Year That Made The Canterbury Tales.

Invading North Korea would be insane. Harry Kazianis explains why.

Only Romney thinks he’s Reagan. Jonathan Bernstein debunks the Romney camp’s desperate “Reagan ran three times” argument.

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