St. John Chrysostom’s Paschal homily. G.C. McLoughlin reproduces the text of the homily that is customarily read during the celebration of Orthodox Easter.

A climbing disaster on Mt. Everest. Jon Krakauer explains last week’s deadly accident and the sherpas’ demands in response to it. National Geographic lists the demands.

Indulging authoritarian rule in Rwanda. Howard French details how U.S. regret over the 1994 genocide has caused Washington to ignore Paul Kagame’s many abuses.

The case for American nationalism. Michael Lind proposes “enlightened nationalism” as the alternative to continued pursuit of global hegemony in the new issue of The National Interest.

Hope is a moral hazard. Anna Simons offers some guidelines on when the U.S. should and shouldn’t offer support to foreign causes.

The philosopher and the statesman. Christopher Krebs reviews Dying Every Day, James Romm’s biography of Seneca.

The war on Shakespeare. Chris Laoutaris tells the story of Lady Elizabeth Russell and the creation of the Globe Theater.

St. George in Palestine. BBC News reports on the widespread veneration of the saint among Palestinian Christians.