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The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

In search of libertarian realism. Reason hosts a symposium on libertarianism and foreign policy, including contributions from Christopher Preble and Will Ruger.

Bhopal’s unending catastrophe. Der Spiegelreports on the continuing harm done by the 1984 Bhopal chemical disaster.

The effects of the war on ISIS. Umar Farooq describes the rise in ISIS’ recruitment inside and outside of Syria that has resulted from the U.S. bombing campaign.

The problem with the torture report. Micah Zenko explains how the Senate’s report on torture falls short

Senate torture report timeline. Tessa Berenson reconstructs the timeline of events described in the Senate report on the use of torture in the CIA detention and interrogation program.

The Middle East greets the torture report with a collective shrug. The AP reports on the regional responses to the release of the Senate report.

What Americans think about torture. Paul Gronke, Darius Rejali, and Peter Miller review the polling evidence on American opinions on the use of torture.

The localist manifesto. Jonathan Coppage reviewsWhy Place Matters in the current issue of TAC.

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