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The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

COIN is a proven failure. Lt. Col. Daniel Davis describes the failure of U.S. counterinsurgency campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The countries of the world named in their own languages. Arika Okrent draws attention to endonymmap.com, which shows the world’s current states with the names in their respective predominant languages.

Israel’s tangled politics. Brent Sasley previews Israel’s spring Knesset elections.

Letter from Nuuk. Anna-Katarina Gravgaard and Mads Nyvold report on the politics of Greenland.

Pakistan and the founding of Israel. Ishaan Tharoor recounts how the newly-established Israel made use of Partition-era Pakistani legal precedents.

When strategic ambiguity fails. Nikolas Gvosdev warns of the problems that come from saying that “all options are on the table.”

Why India likes Ashton Carter. Shashank Joshi details Carter’s past support for closer cooperation with India.

The genius of Metternich. Franz-Stefan Gady describes the Austrian Chancellor’s successful policy of “active neutrality.”

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