What’s wrong with Hong Kong. Nicholas Bequelin reviews some of the city’s biggest problems and their connection to the ongoing protests.

The people behind Hong Kong’s protests. Grace Tsoi and Bethany Allen-Ebrahamian profile the main organizations and leaders involved in the protests.

Why the protesters aren’t likely to prevail. William Wan interviews Jeff Bader, a former deputy consul general for the U.S. in Hong Kong, about the protesters’ chances of success.

Why Occupy Central can’t win. Zachary Keck lays out the reasons why Beijing won’t yield.

Germany’s disarmed forces. Der Spiegel reports on the poor condition of the German military.

The birth and death of anxiety about failed states. Justin Logan and Christopher Preble show how conventional wisdom about failed states as havens for terrorism is now being rejected by some of its earliest proponents.

Is it too late for Libya? Bernard Gwertzman of the Council on Foreign Relations interviews Mary Fitzgerald on the current conditions in Libya.