The case for restraint. William Ruger reviews Barry Posen’s Restraint for the current issue of TAC.

Keeping the threat from ISIS in perspective. Paul Pillar urges Americans not to exaggerate the threat.

Iraq, Obama, and the future of war powers. Robert Golan-Vilella explains why Congress needs to vote on a new authorization for ongoing military action in Iraq.

“Smart power” set Libya on fire. Michael Brendan Dougherty counts the costs of the Libyan war.

Who cares about Ukraine? Thomas Graham reminds us that Ukraine has always mattered far more to Russia than it does to the West.

Helmand to Himalayas. George Vlachonikolis reviews Capt. David Wiseman’s memoirs of his military service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Time to resolve the Ukraine crisis. Former Ambassador Jack Matlock describes the outlines of a possible deal to end the conflict.