A portrait of an imperialist. Geoffrey Wheatcroft reviews Lawrence James’ Churchill and Empire.

The Great War’s forgotten soldiers. Shashi Tharoor remembers the service of over one million Indian soldiers in WWI.

The mission in Iraq keeps expanding. Benjamin Friedman comments on the U.S.’s increasing number of goals in its latest Iraq intervention.

An unlikely presidential contest. Frida Ghitis considers the chances of Marina Silva, the new and competitive contender in Brazil’s presidential election.

Who is Marina Silva? Dom Phillips reports on the background of the Brazilian green activist and presidential candidate.

Final thoughts on Israel and Palestine. Freddie deBoer explains why Americans need to have a more honest debate about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and America’s role in it.

Modi and the Naxalites. World Politics Review interviews P.V. Ramana on the Maoist insurgency in India.

Putin’s public opinion problem. Thomas Sherlock considers the implications of Russian popular opposition to escalating the conflict in Ukraine.

The transformation of Viktor Orban. Amy Brouillette traces how the Hungarian prime minister has moved steadily in a more illiberal and nationalist direction.

Keeping score on the Libyan war. Justin Logan scrutinizes some of the interventionist triumphalism from 2011.