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The Week’s Most Interesting Reads

Trump’s military parade: toy soldiers made large-as-life. Andrew Bacevich criticizes Trump’s desire for a big military parade, but sees something “oddly appropriate” about it in an era of endless and purposeless wars.

The military’s “readiness” scam worked again. Gordon Adams objects to the latest increases in military spending.

The generals’ president: how a praetorian Pentagon rolled a gullible Trump. Judah Grunstein comments on Trump’s endorsement of everything the current and former generals around him want.

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Daniel Larison is a senior editor at TAC, where he also keeps a solo blog. He has been published in the New York Times Book Review, Dallas Morning News, World Politics Review, Politico Magazine, Orthodox Life, Front Porch Republic, The American Scene, and Culture11, and was a columnist for The Week. He holds a PhD in history from the University of Chicago, and resides in Lancaster, PA. Follow him on Twitter.

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