U.S. support for the Saudi-led war on Yemen makes us all less secure. Bonnie Kristian comments on the growing power of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula as a result of the coalition’s campaign in Yemen.

How the war in Yemen is turning into a disaster for the U.S. Ishaan Tharoor sums up the findings of recent reports on civilian casualties caused by weapons sold by the U.S. and the rise of AQAP’s mini-state.

The U.S. has no Gulf allies. Bilal Saab criticizes our government’s habit of wrongly referring to Gulf client states as allies.

The military should follow the White House’s lead on the South China Sea. Michael Cohen objects to attempts by some naval officers to undermine U.S. policy towards China and the South China Sea.

Iran’s intellectuals, going underground. Ali Gharib reviews Laura Secor’s Children of Paradise.