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The Saudis’ War Crimes in Yemen

Here is a report on the latest crime committed by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen with U.S. support:

A health center in northern Yemen run by Doctors Without Borders was bombed at least twice overnight by warplanes belonging to the military coalition led by Saudi Arabia, forcing the evacuation of staff members and critically wounded patients, the group said on Tuesday.

The Saudi-led coalition, which is fighting Houthi rebels, has bombed several health facilities during the seven-month war, but the airstrikes appeared to be the first time coalition warplanes had directly struck a clinic run by Doctors Without Borders.

As the report goes on to say, the health center was one of the last medical facilities in Saada province. This part of Yemen has been bombed extensively by the Saudis in their campaign against the Houthis, especially since they illegally declared the entire province–and all the people living in it–a military target back in May. Unfortunately, the destruction of this health center is entirely consistent with the coalition’s attacks on civilian targets in Saada and elsewhere in Yemen, which have led human rights groups to accuse the coalition of committing war crimes. This attack is representative of the coalition’s air campaign, which the U.N. says is responsible for the majority of civilian deaths since March. It is this sort of attack that the Saudis and their allies don’t want subjected to independent scrutiny, which is why they have blocked the U.N.’s efforts to establish an independent investigation into war crimes and abuses committed by all sides in Yemen. The administration has also gone along with this. The U.S. has helped them both in committing these crimes and in keeping them from facing close scrutiny of what they have been doing.

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