The International Rescue Committee condemned the Saudi coalition massacre of Yemenis at a wedding party:

This is not the first time that civilians at a wedding party have been killed by coalition airstrikes, it is despicable, and points to either gross negligence or, a deliberate strategy to commit war crimes [bold mine-DL]. Only the Saudi-led coalition (SLC) has an air force, and there can be no justification for a strike on such an obvious civilian celebration.

Just as there is no excuse for attacks like these, there is no excuse for continued U.S. support that makes these attacks possible.

Not long after the wedding massacre, there was another coalition airstrike on a gas station in the same area:

An airstrike from a Saudi-led coalition hit a gas station in the Yemeni province of Hajja late Monday, killing 18 people and injuring 13, Yemeni officials told CNN.

The Saudi coalition is slaughtering Yemeni civilians by the dozens on a regular basis, and all indications are that it is doing so on purpose. All parties to the conflict have committed war crimes, but the coalition is responsible for most of the civilian casualties in the war at the same time that their blockade strangles the civilian population by depriving them of essential food, fuel, and medicine. No one can seriously believe that the coalition is trying to avoid civilian casualties when they have killed scores of civilians in a series of deliberate attacks on obvious civilian targets in just the last few days.

U.S. military assistance to the coalition makes our government party to this conflict, and it implicates us in the coalition’s many war crimes. The Trump administration is clearly not using that assistance to influence and pressure the Saudis and their allies to stop their attacks on civilian targets. The coalition governments can ignore any private complaints they get from Washington because they assume that the U.S. will never cut off its support for their war. The only way to change the Saudi coalition’s behavior is to deprive them of the means for carrying out the bombing campaign, and that means no more arms sales, refueling, or intelligence.

The U.S. must halt its support for the Saudi-led war on Yemen, or it will be aiding and abetting more slaughters like the ones we have seen in the last week.