On the Republican side, by contrast, things are a bit of a joke. You’d think a fairly normal conservative Republican would win the Republican nomination. But it hasn’t been possible for any normal conservative Republicans to get famous under the Bush shadow, except for Bush’s brother Jeb who, it seems, can’t run because he’s the incumbent’s brother. Instead, we’re left with the Terrible Troika of Romney, Giuliani, and McCain. ~Matt Yglesias

Terrible Troika does actually sound even more terrible than my preferred phrase to refer to these three, the Terrible Trio, so I have to give Matt Yglesias credit for coming up with a phrase that better expresses just how terrible they are.  But, wait, his article gets even better:

Mitt Romney is the most freakishly transparent liar I’ve ever witnessed. His party is desperately reliant on playing the Christian card on election day, but most traditionalist Christians deny that his religion counts as Christianity. He can’t decide which state he’s from, invested major resources in barely winning a Conservative Political Action Committee straw poll last weekend, and, for his trouble, managed to snag the endorsement of Ann Coulter at the same time she was calling John Edwards a “faggot.”

You really can’t accuse Yglesias of exaggerating how bad the top three GOP candidates are, because it is extremely difficult to exaggerate this.