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The Joke Really Is On Them

Another call to council members came from Inez Tenenbaum, the state’s former superintendent of education, who supports Mr. Obama. Ms. Tenenbaum said she wanted the state to be taken seriously, particularly because it is the first in the South to vote. “I can’t imagine Iowa and New Hampshire letting a comedian on the ballot,” she said. ~The Caucus

Ms. Tenenbaum must have a very poor imagination, since the New Hampshire ballotisroutinelyloadedwitheverykindofpresidential candidate, running the gamut from absurd to serious (notice that I haven’t said which campaigns embody absurdity). 

Now I don’t know about you, but I think “O. Savior” is going to make a late surge, unless he suffers from the strong local support for “Vermin Supreme.”  The real question is whether voters are going to go for the obvious religious appeal of Savior, or whether they will embrace the message of greatness offered by Supreme. 

Yes, goodness knows we wouldn’t want South Carolina to abandon the high standards for presidential ballot access they have up in New Hampshire–just imagine what might happen!

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