In just under two weeks, on November 4, The American Conservative will be holding our Summit on Realism and Restraint: A New Way Forward for American Foreign Policy at George Washington University. As we did at our conference two years ago, we’ll be discussing and debating how to make the case for a foreign policy of peace and restraint:

“Conservative realism” has emerged has the crucial question of Republican foreign policy. Mainstream conservatives and policymakers on the right are rejecting neoconservatism not in favor of “isolationism” but in support of a limited, restrained, realist conservative foreign policy.

In partnership with the Department of Political Science at The George Washington University, The American Conservative will convene leading thinkers to make a positive case for realism and restraint and expand on a new way forward for American foreign policy. Building on the 2014 New Internationalism conference, which developed an emerging bipartisan consensus for prudence, diplomacy, and the rule of law, the Summit on Realism and Restraint will outline an alternative conservative vision for protecting and advancing America’s core security and economic interests.

Participants will address how to advance diplomacy with Iran, a proper U.S. role in combating violent extremism and the Islamic State in the Middle East, promoting a healthier approach to Russia, and maintaining a balanced U.S. presence in the Pacific Rim.

I’ll be speaking on one of the panels, so if you like what you read here I encourage you to register. There will be other TAC editors and contributors speaking at the conference as well, including Noah Millman and Michael Desch and our national editor Benjamin Schwarz. I look forward to seeing many of you in two weeks.

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