And here at home, a celebrity actor, the staff of a failed congresswoman in Georgia, and a crazed Muslim with a gun in Seattle all shout about the evils of the “Jews” — a good cross-section of just how insidious is the growing anti-Semitism. ~Victor Davis Hanson

Naturally, the ravings of a drunk man, the bitterness of people who work for someone widely regarded to be a lunatic and conspiracy-monger (McKinney) and the deplorable violence of someone who should be institutionalised are all rock solid evidence of the “insidious” anti-Semitism spreading across America by leaps and bounds.  What this suggests, actually, is that you must either be drunk or mad to have or indulge these sentiments in modern American society.  But it is really in the paranoid style of Mr. Hanson, who sees shades of the 1930s in literally everything, that something rather insidious lurks.