After Ted Cruz won the Republican Senate nomination, Jim Antle profiled a growing group of Tea Party-aligned conservatives in the Senate. Now one of the leaders of that small group, South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, is resigning from the Senate to become the head of the Heritage Foundation. What Antle described as the “growing Paul-DeMint caucus” has lost one of is top members, and unfortunately for small-government conservatives the Senate has lost one of the main Republican counterweights to the current Senate GOP leadership. DeMint was reportedly already intending to leave the Senate at the end of his current term, so this would have happened in a few years anyway, but it still a bit of a blow to his allies in the Senate. I don’t expect that DeMint’s new role will have much of an effect on Heritage for good or ill, but it’s possible I might be pleasantly surprised for a change. On the other hand, anything that removes potential political obstacles to McConnell and others like him is unlikely to be any good for the causes of fiscal responsibility or limited government.