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Show Them You Care, Senator

Some Mayas are excited at the prospect of the first feature film made in their native tongue, Yucatec Maya. But others among the 800,000 surviving Mayans are worried that Gibson’s hyper-violent, apocalyptic film could be just the latest misreading of their culture by outsiders.

“There has been a lot of concern among Mayan groups from Mexico, Guatemala and Belize, because we don’t know what his treatment or take on this is going to be,” said Amadeo Cool May of the Indian defense group “Mayaon,” or “We are Maya.”

“This could be an attempt to merchandize or sell the image of a culture, or its people, that often differs from what that people needs, or wants,” Cool May said. ~AP

I see Sam Brownback’s big chance to show that he is just super-compassionate about this.  Get Mel, George and Zach on the phone, Senator.  Make sure that the Maya are not exploited, Senator, because if you don’t act, who will?  You can be the first compassionate conservative to make sure that the concerns of Mayan rights activists are taken seriously and to bring back the rockin’ sound of Rage.  Think of it as killing two birds with one stone: demonstrate deep concern about the abuse of the people of Chiapas (thus winning the Zapatista vote) while also bringing the conservative message of Bulls On Parade to a wider audience. 

“Rally round tha family! With a pocket full of shells” sounds like the perfect defense of hearth, home and gun rights, doesn’t it, Senator?  That’ll be the way to shore up your support in some of those early primary states.  Show them that you care and that you share the Zapatistas’ concerns about the right to keep and bear arms against the government of Mexico.  If we adopt your views on immigration, they will all eventually be in this country anyway, so you may as well get started on trying to represent their interests.  Your compassionate foreign policy starts here, Senator!

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