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Sessions and the Self-Sabotaging Trump Administration

Jeff Sessions, in better days (Gage Skidmore)

Rod Dreher marvels at Trump’s attacks on Sessions:

Can anybody think of a time when a US president repeatedly attacked his Attorney General in public, and whose White House leaked that he was looking to fire the AG? If only six, seven months into the presidency, Trump is publicly turning on Jeff Sessions, of all people, who is safe?

I have written a few times about Trump’s knack for self-sabotage, but these latest episodes with Sessions are bizarre even for him. It has been clear for some time that his interest in loyalty refers only to how loyal other people are to him, but the strange thing about his treatment of Sessions is that he is denouncing him for doing something that was actually in Trump’s best interest. Regardless, Sessions has been as reliable a yes-man to Trump as the president could hope to have, and he was one of his very early high-profile supporters during the campaign. Very few people would put up with being publicly insulted and rebuked as Sessions has, but for whatever reason he isn’t resigning no matter how many excuses Trump gives him to leave. Beyond the sheer absurdity of it, attacking Sessions may be one of the few things that could alienate both Trump’s core supporters and Republicans in Congress. Trump is already the most unpopular president at this point in his presidency in the history of modern polling, and he seems determined to drive away the few allies he has left.

Other Trump appointees and supporters should take note of all this and get clear of this failing administration before he turns on them next.

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