The Saudi coalition just slaughtered almost two dozen women with an airstrike in northwestern Yemen:

At least 20 women and a child were killed on Sunday in a Saudi-led airstrike on Yemen’s northwestern province of Hajjah, a local tribal source and rebel-controlled Saba news agency said.

The airstrike hit a house used by women to hide from clashes at the edge of Tallan village in Kushar district, the tribal source told Xinhua by phone on condition of anonymity.

The war on Yemen has not stopped, but unfortunately the outside world has gone back to mostly ignoring the war and the humanitarian crisis that the war has created. Once again, the Saudi coalition has struck a civilian target as part of their indiscriminate bombing campaign, and 21 more Yemenis lost their lives as a result. Like many other attacks on civilians by the coalition, this one targeted women and a child as they sought refuge from the fighting. Ongoing U.S. support for the coalition enables attacks like this one, and it is very likely that American-made weapons were used in this attack. Each day that U.S. support for the war continues is another day that the U.S. assists the Saudi coalition in massacring Yemeni civilians.

Meanwhile, fighting has resumed again in Hodeidah:

Fighting erupted in Yemen’s key port city of Hodeida on Sunday, the first significant clashes since warring sides agreed to a U.N.-brokered cease-fire deal in December, security officials and eyewitnesses said.

If the ceasefire around Hodeidah collapses, that will once again imperil the lives of the civilians in the vicinity and the tens of millions across the country that depend on the port to bring in essential supplies of food and medicine. Should the port be damaged further or if access to the port is cut off, many millions of Yemenis are in danger of starving to death thanks to the economic war that the Saudi coalition and the Hadi government continue to wage on the civilian population. Congress needs to vote to end all U.S. support for the war at once.

The plight of the people of Yemen continues to worsen the longer that the war continues. The Saudi-led intervention will be four years old in a couple of weeks, and opponents of the war need to do everything possible to make sure that this war ends before it turns five.

Update: The U.N. reports that 22 were killed and more than 30 injured in the airstrike. Latest information indicates that the dead included 10 women and 12 children.