The Saudi foreign minister had some surprising information for the attendees at the Munich Security Conference:

“In contrast to Iran’s policy, Saudi Arabia has never carried out an attack” against another country, remarked Jubeir.

I know Saudi officials are obliged to spin things to make their government look slightly less odious, but even by that standard this is a ridiculous piece of fiction. The Saudi government is not only responsible for arming and sponsoring rebels in Syria, but it has obviously been engaged in almost three years of bombing and starving its next-door neighbor. The Saudi-led coalition has hid behind the increasingly meaningless justification that its intervention has the backing of the Hadi government, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Saudis and their allies have been waging an aggressive war against another country that posed no threat to any of them. As they have waged that war, the coalition has routinely violated international law and created the conditions for the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Their deliberate starvation of the population by delaying and blocking the import of food is the largest use of collective punishment against a civilian population anywhere in the world today.

It is a measure of how twisted the international response to the war on Yemen is that Iran is likely to be sanctioned for its alleged minimal role there while the Saudis and their allies continue escaping censure for their well-documented and severe crimes.