Rubio’s absenteeism in the Senate and loathing for his job are catching up with him back in Florida. The editorial board of the Sun-Sentinel, which endorsed him in 2010, is calling on him to resign:

Your job is to represent Floridians in the Senate.

Either do your job, Sen. Rubio, or resign it.

It isn’t uncommon for presidential candidates that serve in Congress to miss many votes and hearings, and some other candidates in previous elections have missed more than Rubio, but the difference in Rubio’s case seems to be that he has no interest in doing the work for a position that he’ll be vacating in a little over a year. The report that he has “given up” on the Senate tells his constituents that he has to a large extent given up on trying to represent them there. It is fair for them to demand that he do what they elected him to do, since he wouldn’t have even been in a position to launch his presidential bid if they hadn’t voted him in five years ago. Since most Floridians never wanted Rubio to run for president in the first place, they are hardly going to be persuaded by Rubio’s excuse that he is missing votes and hearings for the sake of a campaign they don’t want.