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Romney Is Not “Well-Positioned” to Win in November

Pete Wehner imagines that Romney has the advantage in the election:

This election, like most elections, will be decided on substance, not style; on objective circumstances, not ginned-up attacks. Which is why Mitt Romney is extremely well-positioned to become the next president of the United States.

Doug Bandow’s article on Romney and foreign policy is another reminder that substance is something that Romney does not have on his side. Fortunately for him, elections aren’t decided by a candidate’s grasp of policy, foreign or domestic. Elections are typically decided by voters’ economic circumstances. This is the main reason that Romney has any chance of winning. He isn’t “well-positioned” at all. Romney is a pro-bailout corporatist with a reputation for phoniness and dishonesty. He embodies everything that people claim not to like about how the country is being governed, and he seems to be out of his depth on issues of national security. He’s a hybrid of the worst traits of Nixon and Dukakis.

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