In the poll, Bush’s approval rating is at just 29 percent. It’s a drop of six points since April, and it represents his lowest mark ever on this question in the NBC/Journal poll.

Democratic pollster Jay Campbell, who works with Hart, attributes this decline to Republicans. Back in April, 75 percent of Republicans approved of Bush’s job performance, compared with 21 percent who disapproved. Now, only 62 percent of Republican approve, versus 32 percent who disapprove. ~MSNBC

This may be putting things a bit on the low side, but even Rasmussen, which has a solid reputation and has routinely shown Bush at higher levels of approval, has him at 33% and shows Republican support beginning to weaken.  The weakening of GOP support in the Rasmussen poll (the May ’07 average for GOP approval of Bush is 72%) is not as dramatic a drop as this poll claims to have found, but the movement is real.