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Relax, Moderate Democrats: Knight Of Long Knives Postponed Until Further Notice

For the wild-eyed men who fear ideological purges in the ranks of the Democrats (the GOP has become the master at purging those who do not toe the party line, or didn’t you hear about Hulsman?), rest easy.  Here is an item from Dionne that actually informs rather than muddles the issue (for a change):

There is, in any event, a major flaw in the claim that Lieberman’s troubles reflect an end to the role of moderates in the Democratic Party: Lieberman is the one prominent moderate to receive serious opposition in this year’s primaries. As Robert L. Borosage of the liberal Campaign for America’s Future noted, antiwar Democrats limited their challenge to one of the most pro-Bush Democrats in one of the most Democratic states in the country. Moderate Democrats in Republican-leaning states were left largely undisturbed.

This means that the Kossacks and friends did not waste their resources fighting across a broad front, attacking at many points, but concentrated their mass in one place and took out a highly symbolic target.  This shows a level of political intelligence among the Kossacks that their enemies at The New Republic and other bootlicking publications of the center-left have failed to appreciate, preferring to dismiss them as angry Boomers with an axe to grind and an assortment of other crazies.  They may be those things, but they are not a ragtag band of idiots–well, not entirely, anyway.

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