In light of Mr. Peterson’s attempt at offering an olive branch, I have little interest to rehash last week’s debate over Prof. Ryn’s remarks at The Remedy, but I see that they have posted Prof. Ryn’s own response. The entire response is worth reading, but here is one of the most incisive parts:

Curiously, Peterson criticizes my taking Strauss and Jaffa to task for discrediting philosophical respect for tradition and history and for regarding ahistorical reason as alone worthy of respect, but then confirms my view of them in his own explication of their ideas.

In the spirit of Lent, I hope to be able to avoid any more disputes on this question, at least for some time. Let us hope that Prof. Ryn’s corrections may bring an end to this fruitless dispute, and that there are indeed Straussians, as he says elsewhere in his response, who will not feel the need in future to resort so quickly to less than desirable debating techniques.