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Pompeo’s North Korea Lies Are Catching Up to Him

Secretary Pompeo keeps lying to the public [1] about what North Korea has agreed to do:

The whole world understands the threat that Chairman Kim’s nuclear weapons present to the world. Chairman Kim’s now committed to giving them up. He said he would denuclearize. He’s told me that face to face, personally, no less than half a dozen times.

It is difficult to take Pompeo’s assertions seriously when he has made a habit of saying things that everyone knows to be untrue. He has repeatedly referred to the “final, fully verified denuclearization as agreed to by Chairman Kim” when Kim never agreed to any such thing:

Pompeo expects us to take his word for what Kim has told him privately, but his assurances don’t count for very much when we know he has consistently misrepresented Kim’s public position. Supposing that Kim did say something like this to Pompeo, it is very likely that Kim’s idea of denuclearization was and is very different from Pompeo’s. Even if Kim said these things and professed a desire to follow through on them, it doesn’t actually mean that he committed to disarm. More to the point, even if Kim said something to Pompeo it is clear enough that the North Korean government isn’t acting on the things that Pompeo thought he heard.

Pompeo’s statement is emblematic of many of the flaws in the Trump administration’s North Korea policy. He tells us something we know to be false, then he touts his face-to-face meetings with Kim as proof when this doesn’t really prove anything (and we can’t trust what he says anyway), and he treats nonbinding verbal commitments as meaningful. The Secretary of State wants us to trust him as a reliable interpreter of the North Korean position when he has spent the better part of a year consciously spinning and misrepresenting that position in order to keep his boss happy. As Pompeo might say, that is ridiculous and frankly ludicrous.

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7 Comments To "Pompeo’s North Korea Lies Are Catching Up to Him"

#1 Comment By honest injun On March 13, 2019 @ 4:41 am

No, Pompeo’s lies aren’t catching up with him, and they won’t. “Liar” is who he is, like his boss. Some of us remember when presidential lying was regarded as shocking and culpable, but we don’t live in that country any more. Now they lie all the time, they don’t think twice about doing it, and nobody cares. When Clapper the NSA chief lied through his teeth to Congress a few years ago, or when a few years before that National Security advisor Berger got a slap on the wrist for blatantly stealing classified government documents, you knew the game was up. Monkey see, monkey do: Pompeo’s has become the norm and is becoming a reflex.

Big guys and gals can lie about anything they want now, just like they can steal from the American taxpayer and keep their bonuses, or buy their kids admission to top schools. Only little guys go to prison for perjury, and only little guys are required to tell the truth.

#2 Comment By The Wind Weaver On March 13, 2019 @ 7:44 am

Pompeo lies. It is a defining trait.

Yes, he has lied about N. Korea, but he also lied when he certified Saudi compliance regarding efforts to prevent civilian casualties in Yemen (the Saudis thanked him for covering for them by first continuing to kill civilians and then commencing to anally rape Yemeni children and young men), he’s told countless lies about other Mideast matters, from Syria to Iran, he’s lied about Venezuela, and he’s apparently planning to tell so many more lies about Venezuela that he’s hired another known and prodigious liar to help him lie about it.

As Secretary of State, Pompeo is a minor marvel, remarkable for the sheer number of lies he has told – lies to reporters, to Congress, and to the American people.

#3 Comment By Sid Finster On March 13, 2019 @ 11:15 am

Were to God that you are correct.

The problem is that the general public neither know nor understand nor care, and the foreign policy establishment are professional liars.

#4 Comment By Fayez Abedaziz On March 13, 2019 @ 11:36 am

The bottom line is that:
Pompeo is a bully and he and gloats about the power he has.
Diplomacy is no more, it’s all about ultimatums to other nations.
I’m telling you all, this guy is power crazy and Bolton is one mentally twisted guy.
With people like Abrams now there, that shows that Trump has the neocons doing the appointments of these people. Which fits right into Trumps aggressive, tough guy persona and image. If only the American people knew how extremist and nuts these guys are. And, very bad for friendly relations even with so-called allies, like the lame British.

#5 Comment By Kouros On March 13, 2019 @ 11:37 am

You people had a Republic but lost it on the way quite some time ago. The Emperor is naked!

Russians are right:
Speaking of Americans’ dishonesty and bad faith in accusing Russia of violating the ABM treaty while it was they themselves who were violating it, he [Putin] added: “…and the American satellites oink along with them.”

and “Americans are agreement non-trustworthy”

#6 Comment By Taras 77 On March 13, 2019 @ 1:26 pm

Good article, good comments!

Tragically, no one cares. The presstitutes should be the first step in calling out this pathology but it is not going to happen, for whatever reason: losing access, contrary to own agenda, …
Secondly, no one cares outside the echo chamber of the dc swamp; the swamp is where careers are made, budgets are looted, the lies are formulated. Who is going to risk a “successful” career to challenge the lies.

And on it goes.

We all spend a huge amount of time noting the disaster this political system has become. I do not have answers as to how change/reform could be made. The Yellow jackets in france are trying at great risk and damage to themselves at the hands of the police thugs and at the express direction of the bankers. somehow, I doubt that that a similar effort will transpire in the us streets.

But what is the answer? The empire continues to toddle along with more and more dirt generated and piled up but with no change. the latest episode of the despicable cheney is a case in point.

Smart people need to step forward but there prob is no money in it. Tragic!

#7 Comment By Anne Applebaum On March 15, 2019 @ 3:20 am

3 cheers for honest injun (1st comment) not a truer post made.