The Boston Globe poll showing Ron Paul at 7% (which is now one of several separate polls showing this level of support) has some other interesting pieces of information.  (Tabular results for the GOP begin on page 42 of the PDF.) 

Among voters earning less than $30K, Paul is in second place behind Giuliani at 18%.  Curiously, he never breaks 8% in any of the other income groups and receives 4-6% in most of the others, which is really the exact reverse of what you would expect.  But it is pretty clear, given the profile of Paul supporters, that these >$30K voters are younger voters.  He receives 21% support from “never married” voters, but only 5% from married voters.  He does quite well among those who don’t attend religious services (14%), and does progressively worse the more often the voters go to services.  That is perhaps somewhat more understandable, but it is still actually pretty inexplicable how almost three times as many weekly church-goers would support Giuliani as support Paul. 

Among voters “extremely interested” in the primary, he gets 13%, which puts him very close to Giuliani and McCain in this group, but support drops off sharply (2%) among those who are “very interested” and it is up to 8% for the rest. Among “definite” voters, he gets 7%, and among people who “may vote” gets 23%.

Separately, Thompson’s neglect of New Hampshire has cost him: 43% say he is the candidate they are least likely to vote for.