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On Murtha: It’s the Timing That Makes the Difference

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the dismissive response of GOP blog stalwarts to Rep. John Murtha’s call for withdrawal from Iraqhas been quick. The conventional wisdom seems to be that, because Murtha has been very critical of the war and skeptical that there was a military solution for some time, whatever he says now is just more of the same. Sullivan makes the important connection that it is the timing of Murtha’s speech (coming on the heels of the weak, but symbolic Senate resolution on Iraq) that makes his call for withdrawal so remarkable and why it just could mark the beginning of the end for Mr. Bush on Iraq.

I say that because it suggests that previously pro-war Democrats may be beginning to act like a real opposition party in public, rather than act like the mewling lackeys they have been hitherto. That is a lot to hope for from this crowd, but with one of their more reputable members in Rep. Murtha breaking ranks with Mr. Bush there is a chance for a small but significant War Party crack-up. True believing Republicans will hold fast to their mad cause, as we might expect, but they will soon find themselves alone on the sinking ship.

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