The latest online TAC is up, including Prof. Lukacs’ review of Pat Buchanan’s new book, Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War.  I am still wading into the book, so I will withhold comment for now, but obviously you could not ask for a better person to review a book concerning WWII.  Once the spring quarter is over, I intend to catch up on my book blogging, which I have neglected so dreadfully this year.  Peter Hitchens has the cover article on Hugo Chavez, Bill Kauffman writes on the virtues of the New Left and Margaret Liu McConnell discusses marriage and attempted redefinitions of it.  Also available online are Austin Bramwell’s review of Yglesias’ Heads in the Sand, as well as a review of Against Happiness by Peter Wood.  I should have something to say about the latter review, given my reputation for gloominess.