After a psychotic, armed with a legally-purchased arsenal, massacred dozens of people on the campus of Virginia Tech University, there was near total silence about the nation’s lax gun laws [bold mine-DL]. ~Francis Wilkinson

I didn’t get into the post-VT massacre gun debate very much at all, but as soon as I read this I realised that Mr. Wilkinson must not have been paying much attention, since there was a very lively debate about this very subject in the days and weeks following the massacre.  The immediate aftermath of the VT massacre was filled with arguments about gun control from the left against arguments mainly about cultural depravity from the right, so much so that the intensity and immediacy of the political spinning of a mass killing were enough to sicken more than a few observers.  Rare indeed was the argument that said, “Yes, lunatics should have access to assault weapons.”  I suppose there were not all that many politicians who made a lot of noise about gun control at the time, but who believes that there was “near total silence” about the laxity of gun laws?