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My Military Cabal Is Better Than Yours

On the April 22 edition of Fox News Watch, co-host and nationally syndicated columnist Cal Thomas repeated a theory — first proposed by Washington Times editorial page editor Tony Blankley — that the retired generals who have recently called for the ouster of Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld are part of a “cabal.” Thomas, however, expanded upon Blankley’s original theory and claimed that the alleged cabal is “possibly assisted by Democrats for political advantage.” ~Media Matters

When one man utters lunatic fears in his own editorials, we can assume there is something amiss with him. But how is it that any serious news organisation (and, yes, for the sake of argument, let us assume that FoxNews is as much of a serious news organisation as its competitors) would air stuff like this? Or, to put it another way, if talk of influence of neoconservative figures in the administration–based on the actual presence of avowed neoconservatives in the administration–is a kooky conspiracy theory (oh, yes, and anti-Semitic to boot), as these same men have claimed repeatedly, what would that make Blankley and Thomas’ genuinely paranoid delusions about mutinous and seditious conspiracies against the government? Why, it might be downright un-American!

But, in all seriousness, how delusional do you have to be to fear a secret conspiracy of the overwhelmingly Republican and often quite conservative officer corps with the ridiculous Democratic opposition? It would be like Pompey working hand in glove with Catiline or Ludendorff allying himself with the Social Democrats.

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