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Merkel the New, Weak Chancellor of Germany

There has been little cheer in Germany’s business community now that Angela Merkel is headed to take the chancellery from Gerhard Schroeder.

The country’s leading tabloid, the Bild, flashed the conservative leader’s smile across the front page after the deal with Schroeder’s Social Democrats Party (SPD) was announced.

But one of the top business dailies, Handelsblatt, picked a more sobering shot.

It showed Merkel with her hands in the air as she tried to put positive spin on progress toward a so-called grand coalition.

“Merkel pays a high price to move into the chancellery,” it headlined.

The Social Democrats lost last month’s election by just 1 percent, and — in less than three weeks of negotiation –secured more than half the ministries in the government. ~CNN

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