Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (MI-11) will announce his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination tomorrow:

In an interview with POLITICO last month, McCotter previewed some of the themes of a potential presidential run: “The challenge of globalization, the war for freedom against terrorists, the rise of Communist China and whether moral relativism erodes a nation built on self-evident truth.”

McCotter is little known to Republicans nationally, but has a strong following among the conservative media in-crowd.

According to the earlier interview, McCotter regards these four things as “existential threats,” which suggests that he will be competing with Santorum for the alarmist vote. This makes no more sense than Huntsman’s campaign, except that this one has been willed into existence by conservative media outlets. McCotter will probably receive a disproportionate of free media coverage on radio and blogs as a result, but there is no constituency for McCotter that one of the others doesn’t already represent.

Update: Via Mollie Hemingway, here is Jim Antle’s 2009 profile of McCotter.