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Lebanese Pop & Towing

Today I retrieved my car from impound, which is so far to the south that it is actually beyond the Southside and in that empty gap past the point where the two highways that previously made up the Dan Ryan split off from each other.  The actual retrieval process was fairly easy, as such things go, though the possibilities for Kafkaesque delay were everywhere.  Strangely, the cop who had issued me the ticket had told me that I needed to present proof of ownership to access my car at the impound, which was rather difficult…since my registration was in the car that had just been towed away.  Fortunately, this guy was either just having me on (thinking that I was some New Mexican tourist because of my license plate) or enjoys misleading people or was himself confused about the procedure, since I needed no such proof, as I learned from the people at the lot when I called.  Anyway, that little episode is over. 

To help unwind at the end of the evening, I therefore offer this combination of Lebanese pop and salsa [1], which at least Michael [2] should find amusing.

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#1 Comment By daninardmore On April 13, 2007 @ 1:55 pm

Your experience was more benign than mine in the late 60’s when I drove my dad’s pickup from Norman to Oklahoma City, parked somewhere after rush hour rules, & got towed. Of course I had to call my dad to come bail me out, and he was relatively unperturbed by it all, but the bored jerk at the impound lot wouldn’t take a check–no credit cards in those innocent days, or at least my dad didn’t have one–, cash only.

My larger point is, I used to wonder how the classic tyrannies ruled their societies, and I have come to see that the petty tyrannies at the local level is how the tyrants at the top get away with it. The KGB agent, the Stasi agent, the FBI agent on a mission, all rely on locals: our neighbor, our family member, given a chance to lord it over the rest of us, enable police states. This is why resistance to tyranny must begin locally, and why ultimately any government whose members and minions are not known by you personally is too big.