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Kasich’s Foreign Policy Recklessness on Display

John Kasich spoke to the editorial board at The Washington Post and reminded everyone why he should never be president:

HOFFMAN: Well, isn’t there a risk if you provide lethal weapons to the Ukrainians that Putin then can essentially escalate you with more lethal weapons?

KASICH: No, I am for doing it, period, end of story [bold mine-DL]. I am giving them lethal defensive weapons if I’m president. I can get it through Congress. Yes. That is just the way it goes. I am not worried about him getting aggravated with us after he invaded the goddarned place, okay? No, I am not worried about that [bold mine-DL].

In other words, Kasich has given no thought to the possible negative consequences of the policy he endorses, and he doesn’t want to think about them. Kasich wants to arm Ukraine, and that’s all there is to it. Even if doing what he wants would lead to more conflict and more damage done to Ukraine, he’s not going to worry about it. Not only is Kasich oblivious to the risks involved in sending arms to one side in a conflict, but he is so determined to take sides in the conflict that when the danger is pointed out to him he dismisses it as irrelevant. That suggests that he isn’t making a careful or rational assessment of the potential costs and benefits of the policy, but is committed to meddling in a foreign conflict regardless of what might happen. Kasich has displayed his foreign policy recklessness before during the campaign, but this is one of the best examples we have of how careless and irresponsible Kasich can be on these issues.

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