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Journey To The East

No, not the Hesse novel.  I’m referring to my upcoming whirlwind trip to Taiwan.  I will have very little time in Taipei, and I have just found out that I will be on the west side of the city, but if anyone knows of something worthwhile to visit that doesn’t take much time I would be glad to know it.  Since I will be in the air for about 17 hours starting tomorrow, and I won’t be back in the country until late Sunday Eunomia is going to be very quiet for a few days after this afternoon.  Until I return, check in at the main blog and Taki’s Magazinefor more commentary and blogging.

P.S.  I will, in fact, be journeying far to the west, but you get the idea.

Update: The wave of cancellations that American decided to let loose on the country this week has forced me to change some of my schedule, but it seems that I will still embark on my crazy trip tomorrow afternoon.  May I just say that the people in charge of American should not be allowed to run a lemonade stand, much less a major airline.

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