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Jones Fends Off the Hard-liners

Jonathan Coppage reports on some good news from last night’s North Carolina primary:

Since then, he may have been the most fiercely outspoken opponent of the Iraq war on either side of the aisle. This may help explain why Emergency Committee for Israel and Ending Spending, two large establishment GOP organizations, dropped a combined $1,000,000 into the race, half supporting his challenger, half hitting Jones. Despite their efforts, however, Jones was able to convince his constituents to let him keep working for them.

Jones’ win is obviously good news for antiwar Republicans and conservatives. There are very few members of Congress that consistently support a foreign policy of prudence and restraint, and Jones has been on the right side of these debates for close to a decade. More than that, it is an encouraging sign that someone with a solid conservative voting record won’t be chucked out by Republican voters just because hard-liners begin flinging brain-dead accusations at him that he is a “liberal” or “anti-Israel.” Even so, this was Jones’ strongest primary challenge, and according to the reported results the race was surprisingly close: Jones won with 50.9% to 45% for the challenger Griffin. I would assume that some of the same groups that targeted him this year will be back to try again in 2016.

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