If Ukraine were a Latin American country like, say, Bolivia of a couple years ago, constantly beset by mass protests and political instability, most American observers would view the scene with dismay and say that the country is falling to pieces.  If Ukraine were Bolivia, the chattering and typing classes would grimace at the rise of wacky Indio-nationalist socialism and scratch their heads at the rise of the mystical racists and communist-educated foreign ministers.  Because Ukraine is Ukraine, because the loopy foreign minister Choquehuanca had his equal in socialist Yulia Tymoshenko, who was briefly prime minister under Yushchenko, and the wacky nationalists and socialists are our pawns and hirelings, rather than some bizarre indigenous movement that we barely understand (as in Bolivia), our chattering and typing classes speak of the “Orange Revolution” as if it actually represented something benevolent and desirable and view its leaders’ compromises with the bad, old, pro-Russian order as betrayals of noble principle.  What, after all, would Yushchenko’s Jew-hating nationalist friends say about his recent sell-out?  We wouldn’t want to disappoint such fine folks.