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Higher Blogging

Congratulations [1] to my readers:

This Blog is at a Genius Reading Level.

Via Garance Franke-Ruta [2]

Not that I put much stock in these measurements of blogs, but of the blogs and sites I checked only The American Scene [3], What’s Wrong With the World [4]Dan McCarthy’s blog [5], the group blog Exit Strategies [6] and The New Atlantis receive the same result.  I hope this is at least partly a measure of the quality of Eunomia and not simply a function of my sometimes difficult and long-winded writing style.

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6 Comments To "Higher Blogging"

#1 Comment By Anthony King On November 19, 2007 @ 10:47 pm

I’ve been trying to convince my wife of just this sort of thing for awhile. As a regular reader with–as we now know–bonafide genius credentials, perhaps Mr. Larison could forward her the designation. It will look better coming from a third party.

Just a hunch–I think the test gives high marks for having no pictures. I just started a blog for my bicycle business and it gets a College-Postgrad rating. I haven’t put in any posts with pictures yet. I bet when I do the level will go down.

#2 Comment By Daniel Larison On November 19, 2007 @ 10:52 pm

That may be. I readily grant that the ratings seem pretty arbitrary. There are other blogs whose authors are writing excellent, high-level material who don’t get the same rating for reasons that I can’t discern.

#3 Comment By Roach On November 20, 2007 @ 7:49 am

This is probably the same utility on word that looks for things like sentence complexity etc. I should think a certain type of bad writing–not yours Daniel–might trigger genuius on account of how overwraught it is. I spent a lot of time simplifiying my writing in law school and after compared to the over-complexity I acquired in college.

That said, it seems to work well. Little Green Footballs is High School.

#4 Comment By empiricus On November 20, 2007 @ 11:19 am

Thanks, Roach, for informing us of LGF’s rating. Maybe there is something to that rating system after all ;}

While I am second to none in my appreciation of Eunomia’s exposition (which strikes me as just about ideal for an educated lay audience; but, no offense, Daniel, Eunomia’s prose style, vocabulary, conceptual complexity, and assumed background knowledge are hardly genius level, nor do I think it would be an improvement if they were much more demanding than they are), I must agree that the rating seems pretty arbitrary. The presence or absence of pictures/graphics does indeed appear to feature in the heuristics, as does the fraction of foreign words/names and the complete absence of the typos and unspeakable solecisms that plague the blogosphere.

#5 Comment By Daniel Larison On November 20, 2007 @ 2:11 pm

I didn’t think the blog is at genius level, either, since I am confident that I am not one. (This will no doubt be seconded by a chorus of people who have actually met me.) If I were at that level, I should have been done with my dissertation years ago. These are obviously just for fun, but it did seem like a nice compliment for all the readers.

#6 Comment By mudslide567 On November 20, 2007 @ 6:44 pm

I hate to throw iced water over the reading level but I just went and tested a few other sites and the most notable result was that the social porn site, [7] also is evaluated as written at genius level. On the other hand, [8] is evaluated as “High School”. With that result, I had to test my local high school student newspaper site, [9], and it is written at “Post Grad” level.