Some wags say the party is hopelessly divided over issues ranging from abortion and Iraq to gas prices and immigration. ~David Hill

If you ask me, the problem with Republicans and abortion is not that the party is “hopelessly divided” but that they’re all together too willing to overlook fundamental differences in pursuit of having a “strong” and “electable” candidate who promises to torture and bomb as many foreigners as possible.  If you were to ask me again, I would say that the party is not divided about Iraq all that much and the number of Republicans for whom Iraq is a deal-breaker is (unfortunately) fairly small.  The problem the GOP has is not too much disagreement and fractiousness over Iraq, but a mind-killing conformity on the one policy issue where they are as wrong as can be.  The one question where the GOP is “hopelessly divided” is on immigration, since the party apparatus is for lots of it in whatever form it might take and the constituents are by and large not.  Mr. Bush and the Senate GOP have resolved this division through total collapse and surrender to the forces of amnesty.