Everyone’s favourite, Katherine Harris, made a small splash by having a total of four campaign managers during her Esther Resurrection Tour highly eccentric, error-ridden run for the Senate, but it seems as if Fred intends to outmatch her in sheer personnel turnover.  At the present rate, he should leave her in the dust.  He has already dropped one manager and two “temporary” co-managers and moved on to yet another, Bill Lacy.  All this comes before his much-delayed, not so highly anticipated and no longer very interesting announcement in September that he will start officially running.  Once he begins to campaign properly, we should start seeing campaign managers move in and out on a weekly basis.  Given that Bill Lacy is a veteran of Thompson’s first Senate run, he may stick around a little longer, if only for old times’ sake, but if I were mounting a bid for the Presidency I think the last person I would call on would be the one who worked as a strategist for Dole and for the Dole ’96 campaign.